Nov 14 '12

Cosplay Appreciation Day?

So I didn’t know yesterday was a thing! And I didn’t know choosing your ten favorite cosplay was a thing yesterday, too! Honestly, it was too hard to select only 10 cosplays to feature, so I didn’t include anything from the past year to let some of my older costumes shine :) I’ve been cosplaying for about 9 years, and apparently am not stopping anytime soon!

I’d like to say that I’ve made so many friends through cosplay, and am grateful for every last one of them! I have to thank this hobby for introducing me to these people! Cosplay has also fulfilled in me my desire to create, given me a means to show passion for a character, and an interest to consume all my time and money (oops).

Lastly, I’d like to thank all the photographers who ever graced me with their photos! In particular Skwinkography, Blanko, and OMG-DJ-Judy! My costumes are so much more powerful thanks to your beautiful photography.

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