Mar 6 '13

To the person who said, in response to my wig ventilating tutorial:

Or you could just learn how to ventilate…  The needles aren’t that expensive/that hard to find

Um, yes? I said that if one wants to try the actual art of ventilating, then go for it. Or maybe you didn’t read the whole thing. :|

Regardless, I still don’t think ventilating needles are very accessible for most cosplayers, and the ones I’ve seen online are fairly expensive. Even if it’s only say $20, for many people, the lace front wig itself is an investment ($40-60+), so spending that much more on a tool might inhibit a lot of cosplayers. However, a regular needle costs like… 20 cents, if that, and every cosplayer already has one.

Even still, proper ventilation is a NEW SKILL that one needs to learn to become adequate at it. Once mastered, I’m sure it’s a lot faster than the methods I described, but my method is something anyone can do easily with no practice or training.

In the end, it’s the same result. I just wanted to share an alternate method that some people may prefer. So… does it matter how someone gets to that final product?

tl;dr This is why we can’t have nice things!

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  1. frauleinninja said: ….I hate people. Your tutorial was lovely.
  2. somaperies said: I didn’t even know what a ventilation needle was until I read your post! Thank you for taking the time to do the tutorial, by the way.
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